Creating and scaling a global privacy program – How to operate in 30 diferent countries
– mit Bruna Assêncio


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With Bruna we talk about:


  • 01:20: Bruna’s route into data protection: Shifting from tax law to data protection
  • 03:20: Responsibilities at Emma-The Sleep Company
  • 04:20: Building a privacy program from scratch: balancing backlog and growth
  • 07:06: The Challenges of being in 30 countries
  • 09:45: The importance of data protection in the team and how to encourage them
  • 13:35: Tips to build a data protection program from scratch
  • 16:49: Specific data protection implications in e-commerce
  • 20:54: How to ensure that suppliers and providers are GDPR compliant

Data privacy is like a sleeping giant. So when you poke it, you realise that it is actually bigger than you imagined.
Bruna Assêncio
Team Lead Legal & Compliance at Emma – The Sleep Company

In dieser Episode sprechen wir mit:

Bruna Assêncio
Team Lead Legal & Compliance at Emma - The Sleep Company

As a lawyer with many years of experience in a wide range of industries, she has been working at Emma for almost one and a half years, where, among other things, she is responsible for the strategic planning of the legal department, as well as the international legal support to 30 countries.

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